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Jan Breuer serves as a consultant at Detecon International GmbH, specializing in Artificial Intelligence and Data Management. With an academic background around biomedical engineering from Columbia University, Jan was involved validating AI outputs, focusing on Machine Learning, Data Visualization, and Computer Vision Algorithms ensuring the reliability and accuracy of AI models.

At Detecon, Jan focuses on AI Governance, Quality Management, and E2E-Integration to help organizations harness the full potential of their data assets. Jan’s expertise includes developing AI frameworks, implementing cloud-based solutions, and creating dashboards that facilitate data-driven decision-making, which are critical for scaling AI effectively.

Additionally, his position as a Data Analyst at the German Aerospace Institute provided him with a robust foundation in scientific research. These experiences enable him to deliver high-impact consulting services and make him an essential contributor to Detecon’s AI and data-centric consulting initiatives.

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“If we don’t prioritize AI governance and built trust, we will fail to realize any potential of the technology.”

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